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Roofing companies are roof contractors that sell, service and install roofs. A roof contractor will help you choose the best roof, handle roof installation, and can fix problems like damaged shingles, holes, or dents. Roofing companies are often called roofers as well as roofing contractors. Having confidence in your roofer is important, and getting good references is always helpful. Chimney or other structural repair, like masonry or carpentry, may require another contractor. Roofing materials include roofing nails, roofing felt, shingles, tarpaper and other materials.

Name of Company: NPR Construction Services
Contact Name: Joseph McGranaghan - View Profile »
Service Area 1: Lakes Region
Service Area 2: Seacoast Region

Name of Company: R W W CONSTRUCTION
Contact Name: Royce Wright - View Profile »
Service Area: All Regions

Name of Company: Premier Builders Inc.
Contact Name: Timothy Lawler - View Profile »
Service Area: Seacoast Region

Name of Company: Pyramid Roofing LLC
Contact Name: Shawn Schwotzer - View Profile »
Service Area: All Regions

Name of Company: Maillet Construction
Contact Name: Eric Maillet - View Profile »
Service Area: All Regions

Name of Company: Rick Bagley Contracting, LLP
Contact Name: Rick Bagley - View Profile »
Service Area: All Regions

Name of Company: Finishline Roofing & Construction
Contact Name: John Gibbs - View Profile »
Service Area: Merrimack Valley Region is also a great way to find Subcontractors!

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