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About Find NH Contractors - Who We Are

3 simple clicks!Find helpful information about contractors for your home project
in 3 simple clicks!

We started for a couple of reasons:

As a New Hampshire tradesperson and contractor, and with the economy slowing down, I started looking at ways to save money on high advertising costs, knowing that if I could lower my advertising cost then I could lower my bids on home improvement projects.
I looked on the internet for ways to advertise but found most of the contractor sites were lead services where a contractor would pay for each lead they were given, and it seemed it could be very costly with no sure thing for a job.

As a New Hampshire homeowner, I went on these same lead sites trying to find a contractor and found that on almost every site they required that I fill out forms describing my project and then wanted my personal information and within 24 or 48 hours, 3 or 4 contractors would contact me.
I didn't know anything about the people that would contact me and didn't know where they were from, and they would already have my personal info! I decided;
I really don't like this!

After a lot more research online, I came up with a way to help both the homeowner and the contractor at the same time.

For the Homeowner:
We created this easy to use site where homeowners are not required to fill out forms or give out their personal infomation and where 3 simple clicks displays a list of local, screened contractors on an equal basis. And our Homeowners Toolbox offers tools to put you in control of who you want to work with.
FindNH also offers more information about a contractor than you will find in the newspaper or phone book, including contact info, profiles, project pictures, and a link to their website.
Our goal is to make it easy for any New Hampshire homeowner to find a reliable local, contractor for their project.

3 simple clicks!Find helpful information about contractors for your home project
in 3 simple clicks!

Tip for Homeowners: Remember to check out all the contractors displayed in your search results because some contractors offer specials and discounts you may want to know about.

For the Contractor:
We make it very affordable for you to advertise your Company and not have to pay per lead. We promote our Web site on Radio, online in Search Engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo, with videos on YouTube, email campaigns, promotional opportunities and more.

This site was created by local New Hampshire people and is a FREE directory to bring together New Hampshire homeowners and local, reputable, quality New Hampshire contractors without filling out forms and giving away personal information. It is not a referral system, you make your selections and choose for yourself. Isn't that what you would do anyway?

Thanks for visiting our Website. We hope you will use our service and we welcome your comments and suggestions to help improve it.
Please contact us at

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"I just became aware of I wish I knew about this a year ago when I spent 45 minutes researching landscapers online! Your website is going to save me a lot of time from now on!"
- Gary, Merrimack, NH

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